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Publicerade artiklar och essäer i urval

Bergtagen/Zauberberg(The Magic Mountain)
Text by Magnus Bärtås

1993, 20 pages. Swedish/English, one part in French.
Translations by Ciléne Andréhn, William Jewson and Nils Thornander.
Graphic design by Magnus Bärtås.
Publisher: Magnus Bärtås in connection with the exhibition Bergtagen/Zauberberg at Galerie Vitoux & Zylberman, Paris 1992, Index Gallery, Stockholm 1993 and Norrköpings Konstmuseum 1993.

Konspirationen/The Conspiracy
Editor: Magnus Bärtås

1997, 80 pages. Swedish/English, parts in Greek.
1000 copies.
Texts by Magnus Bärtås, Els Hanappe, Deborah Thompson, Maria Lind, Sven-Olov Wallenstein, Sabine Russ and The Kingdom of Elgaland & Vargaland.
Translations by Karen Diamond, Kristina Riegert, Maria Laina, Katerina Moraiti and Astrid Trotzig.
Graphic design by Annika Lyth.
Publisher: Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala.

Konst på bio (Art at the Movies)
Editors: Magnus Bärtås & Martin Petéus

1998, 76 pages. Swedish/English.
1000 copies.
Texts by Magnus Bärtås & Martin Petéus, Milou Allerholm and Kerstin Gezelius.
Translations by Sina Najafi.
Graphic design by Cia Otterström.
Art director: Björn Smedberg.
Photos by Alexander Crispin.
Publisher: KINK (Magnus Bärtås & Martin Petéus), Stockholm.

biographies – buzek bärtås zorica

1999, 94 pages. English.
50 copies.
Editor: Zdenko Buzek
Texts by Suzana Milevska, Nina Butic´, Zeljko Zorica, Magnus Bärtås and Zdenko Buzek.
Graphic design: Zeljko Zorica
Layout: Damir Ralic
Publisher: VN Gallery, Zagreb.

Magnus Bärtås 1990 –
Editor: Niklas Östlind.

2000, 128 pages. Swedish/English.
1000 copies.
Texts by Annika Wretman (Hansson), Anders Olofsson, Lars-Henrik Ståhl and Suzana Milevska.
Graphic design by Magnus Bärtås
Translations by William Jewson and Astrid Trotzig.
Publisher: Gävle Konstcentrum, Gävle with the support of Jönköpings läns museum, Passagen, Linköpings Konsthall, Jan Widlund and Roger Björkholmen Gallery.


An anthology of textbased practice within the Swedish artscene.
Editor: Magnus Bärtås
Editorial board: Karl Larsson, Mara Lee, Andreas Mangione, Anna Rosenberg,
Johannes Sjögren and Lisa Torell.
2004, 176 pages. Swedish.
1000 copies.
Graphic design by Martin Högström.
Contibutions by 33 artists and writers.
Publisher: Konstfack.